Amp Doctor Approves Exicon’s ECX10N20 & ECX10P20 MOSFETs

Car amplifier specialist site The Amp Doctor has approved Exicon’s ECX10N20 and ECX10P20 MOSFETs after running them through a series of punishing tests.

After thermal cycling the parts continuously for over a week, the site’s Gordon Taylor was completely satisfied the EXICON MOSFETs were suitable for his repairs.

The Amp Doctor is a specialist in repairing and upgrading high power, high performance car amplifiers. Drawing on over 24 years designing and manufacturing amplifiers, Gordon knows a thing or two about power transistors.

He said “audio performance is easy to measure on an AP (Audio Precision) but long term reliability is more difficult to prove which is why I leave the parts to thermal cycle reaching over 140 ‘C on the case.”