Why Use Exicon Lateral MOSFETs?

High Performance, Extremely Reliable

The Exicon range of lateral MOSFETS were specifically developed for high performance linear amplifier applications. They are capable of very high standards of amplification, with low distortion and very fast slew rates.

Completely free from secondary breakdown and thermal runaway they are extremely reliable.

In addition they have a number of characteristics which make them ideal for audio amplifiers, such as negative temperature coefficient for sharing current without the need for source or drain resistors, and simple drive requirements resulting in fewer components in the audio path.

Key Features

  • Very fast slew rate and high bandwidth results in exceptional audio performance
  • Well matched on Vgs plus negative temp. coefficient means they parallel easily and share current nicely
  • Easy to drive with built in protection diodes (except -Z types)
  • Free from Secondary Breakdown, rugged and reliable


  • High Fidelity Amplifiers
  • Musical Instrument Amplifiers
  • Pro-audio Power Amplifiers
  • Powered Speakers
  • High Power Servos
  • Vibration Tables
  • Linear Motor Drives
  • Test Equipment
Features EXICON MOSFETs Vertical MOSFETs Bipolar Transistors

No secondary breakdown, which limits safe area of operation

Optimised for linear mode so have a large chip for maximum power handling

Well matched on threshold

Negative temperature coefficient, so inherently stable

Gain/transconductance stable at high current

Low current drive, just a few mA’s to charge / discharge input capacitance

Fast – no charge storage

Designing with Exicon MOSFETs

The Exicon MOSFET range includes complementary N-channel and P-channel lateral MOSFETs with 200V and 250V breakdown voltages, available in TO247 single and TO264 dual versions.

As a quick guide Exicon MOSFETs are suitable for amplifiers in the range of 30W to 5,000W per channel.

Calculating how many devices to use to achieve a specified output power will depend on a number of factors. In practice, when operating in class AB mode it’s typical to work on 100W to 150W output power per pair of MOSFETs. There are however many topologies in use today from class A to class H, and designed for different loads. Therefore it’s necessary to go through the thermal and other limiting calculations to ensure no limits are exceeded.

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