Cross-reference Charts

The following tables show you the MOSFETs for which Exicon products are recommended as substitutes or replacements.

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Semelab Equivalents

Semelab part Recommended Exicon part Purchase link
BUZ900 ECF10N20 Buy
BUZ905 ECF10P20 Buy
BUZ901 ECF10N20 Buy
BUZ906 ECF10P20 Buy
BUZ900P ECX10N20 Buy
BUZ905P ECX10P20 Buy
BUZ901P ECX10N20 Buy
BUZ906P ECX10P20 Buy
BUZ900D ECF20N20 Buy
BUZ905D ECF20P20 Buy
BUZ901D ECF20N20 Buy
BUZ906D ECF20P20 Buy
BUZ900DP ECW20N20 Buy
BUZ905DP ECW20P20 Buy
BUZ901DP ECW20N20 Buy
BUZ906DP ECW20P20 Buy

ALFET Equivalents

ALFET part Recommended Exicon part Purchase link
ALF08N16K ECF10N20 Buy
ALF08P16K ECF10P20 Buy
ALF08N20K ECF10N20 Buy
ALF08P20K ECF10P20 Buy
ALF08N16V ECX10N20 Buy
ALF08P16V ECX10P20 Buy
ALF08N20V ECX10N20 Buy
ALF08P20V ECX10P20 Buy
ALF16N16W ECW20N20 Buy
ALF16P16W ECW20P20 Buy
ALF16N20W ECW20N20 Buy
ALF16P20W ECW20P20 Buy
ALF16N16K ECF20N20 Buy
ALF16P16K ECF20P20 Buy
ALF16N20K ECF20N20 Buy
ALF16P20K ECF20P20 Buy

Renasas Equivalents

Renasas part Recommended Exicon part Purchase
2SK1058 ECX10N20 Buy
2SJ162 ECX10P20 Buy
2SK2221 ECX10N20 Buy
2SJ352 ECX10P20 Buy
2SK135* ECF10N20 Buy
2SJ50* ECF10P20 Buy
2SK176* ECF10N20 Buy
2SJ56* ECF10P20 Buy


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