Exicon Lateral MOSFETs

EXICON lateral MOSFETs are designed specifically for high fidelity integrated and power amplifiers. Launched in 1993 and improved in 2015, the current range is optimised to offer great advantages to the design of high-end linear amplifiers.

Discover what we can do for you and why you should use Exicon Lateral MOSFETs in your audio designs.


Simplicity in design minimizes the need for additional components in the audio path. The negative temperature coefficient means that Exicon MOSFETs are naturally immune to thermal runaway, and are well matched so there is no need for source resistors. Being voltage driven there is also no need for driver transistors, thus removing at least one amplification stage.

Extreme Linearity

Extreme linearity gives naturally low distortion even before the application of negative feedback, which reduces it further. Lateral MOSFETs are easy to bias - the natural bias point is where the temperature coefficient is zero. For EXICON MOSFETs this is further into the Class A region to minimise crossover distortion.

Very High Speed

Very fast response is desirable to preserve the detail in the signal when it gets challenging, such as with an impulse response or percussion.

Rugged and Robust

EXICON MOSFETs are rugged and robust, and unlike bipolar transistors they are free from secondary breakdown; this means the power rating does not derate with applied voltage. Devices are easily paralleled for very high-power applications.


"For their excellent performance and unique properties Exicon’s lateral MOSFETs became our devices of choice in the Delta III series of power amplifiers. And their unparalleled matching (pun intended) allows us to build very reliable output stages."

Sergiu Ignat, Classe Audio

"These have been used in most of the amps I have built, and they work very well."

Rod Elliott, ESP

"Exicon (available through Profusion Ltd in the UK) have been making very good [MOSFET] replacements with often better specs than the originals."

Jan Didden, Linear Audio

"We are using Exicon MOSFETS in other projects and found them excellent performers. They are designed specifically for high power audio applications and are lateral types, thus they are far more rugged than the original MOSFETS, making them the perfect choice."


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