Exicon Lateral MOSFETs

The Exicon lateral MOSFET range is ideal for audio amplifier designs, offering high voltage capability, high slew rate, low distortion, and freedom from secondary breakdown and thermal runaway.

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"We are using Exicon MOSFETS in other projects and found them excellent performers. They are designed specifically for high power audio applications and are lateral types, thus they are far more rugged than the original MOSFETS, making them the perfect choice."


"These have been used in most of the amps I have built, and they work very well."

Rod Elliott, ESP

"Exicon (available through Profusion plc in the UK) have been making very good [MOSFET] replacements with often better specs than the originals."

Jan Didden, Linear Audio

"The MOSFETs from Exicon are THE audio MOSFETs to use in a audiophile application."

JeremyN, localmotors.com

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